How to Pick a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

During the lifespan of most people they will eventually get to a point where they want to spruce up their home, and one of the ways of doing this is to install a new bathroom in their property. There are many different ways in which this can be approached, from simply giving it a refresh with a new bathroom suite or tiling and decorating through to a full replacement and even installing new types of bath or shower. Whatever you decide that you want to do, one thing that you will almost certainly need to do is to find a contractor that will be able to complete the work on your behalf, and it is certainly worth spending a little time to find the right person for the job.

Deciding On The Level Of Work Required

When it comes to arranging the remodeling of your bathroom, one of the first things to do is to actually take a look at what you have in place already, and then to see how much work you are actually looking to get done. If you need to get a bathroom design consultation then this can cost extra, but it will also help you in terms of getting a more accurate brief for the work which you can then share with your contractor. Naturally, the level of work you carry out will be tailored to the budget you have available, so researching the price of the materials and the bathroom suite if you are replacing a bathroom can help you get an idea of what you can afford.

Will Your Work Require Specialist Additional Skills?

When you are thinking about your expectations for the cost, then in some cases more complicated bathroom remodeling work may require more than one contractor, especially if you are thinking of moving the layout of the bathroom around. If you are going to be adjusting the layout of your bathroom then this can mean that there may be a need to change the location of drainage pipes, which is one of the main reasons that additional contractors may be required. Also, if you are thinking of changing the lighting in the bathroom or you have some other electrical work required, this is another common reason that a second contractor may be needed to help finish the remodel.

Preparing The Brief For The Work

One of the most important aspects of preparing to find a contractor to carry out the remodel of your bathroom is actually being able to give them a specific brief about what you are looking to achieve and the suite you want installed. While each contractor may share their thoughts and offer suggestions on things you can do to amend the costs, or possibly improvements as well, having a good brief is very helpful. When you are looking for a contractor you can give them a brief to provide the quote on, and the more specific the brief then the more likely you are to get accurate quotes that can be effectively compared.

Finding Suitable Contractors To Approach For Quotes

This is often one of the most challenging parts of the process of finding a contractor to carry out the remodeling work in the bathroom, but don’t just approach the first local company that you find. Make sure you give yourself time to research different companies, their areas of expertise and also their reputation, and in this regard review websites such as Yelp can be a valuable tool to help you see what other customers have experienced with different tradesmen. Recommendations from family and friends who have had positive experiences can also be a useful source of information here, but also make sure that you are still researching those companies to make sure you get a full picture of how they may perform when carrying out your project.

Assessing The Quotes And Starting The Work

Once you have made your shortlist of contractors to approach for the project, the next step is to get quotes and to assess them before deciding who to proceed with. Generally, you should look to get at least three quotes for work to get a reasonable understanding of what different tradesmen will quote for the work, but the larger the job then you may feel the need to speak to several more people to find someone you are fully comfortable with.

When you receive the quotes take time to look through them, and keep a lookout for any that appear to be especially high or low, which can be a red flag that there is something not quite right. Once you are ready to proceed, discuss the lead times with your preferred contractor and then give them the go ahead to get things in motion for your new bathroom!