How much should remodelling my bathroom cost?

We’ve all had that feeling where you look at the bathroom suite or the decoration of your bathroom and think that it may be time for a change, and deciding to remodel is a common occurrence for many people and families. Whether it is simply a spruce up of the decoration or the lighting in the room, through to a new suite or even extending the bathroom, there are a range of different ways in which you can remodel the bathroom. Knowing how much your project will cost can depend on a range of different factors, and in many situations this will also depend on your budget for the project itself.

Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of Your New Bathroom

There are many different factors that can feed into the overall cost of remodeling your bathroom, and ultimately the more work required and more specialized the work, then the greater your budget will need to be. If you are thinking of moving a bath or a sink, which can require plumbing work, then naturally this will add to the required budget. Retiling a bathroom or repainting can also cost a lot less than replacing the bathroom suite for example, so if you are thinking of carrying out such work to your bathroom but are on a budget, then getting some initial quotes is a good place to start.

The Materials And Bathroom Suite

When it comes to the final cost of your bathroom, then one of the biggest impacts on cost is likely to be the materials and the bathroom suite itself if you are replacing your current one. Materials can range hugely in cost, so having a look around and trying to find pieces that will match your overall desire for what you want from the appearance of your new bathroom can be a good place to start. This can also be one of the areas where you may feel you are able to compromise on if the cost is prohibitive, as sometimes you can find detail items such as faucets that can cost significantly less, or even full bathroom suites that are quite similar but actually cost significantly less.

Consider Your Specific Requirements For Remodeling Your Bathroom

To really narrow down on the costs for remodeling your bathroom, one of the first things you should really do is to narrow down exactly what you are looking for from the project, so you can give a specific brief to the contractor. There are plenty of websites that you can find that will offer design inspiration and help you to create a vision for your bathroom, so that you can then be more specific with the design brief. If you have already decided on a specific type of bathroom such as one with a rainfall shower head, then including these features in your brief can also help to ensure that the quotes you receive will be closer to the finished price that you will have to pay.

Choosing The Right Contractor For The Work

As with almost every aspect of building work, finding a good contractor to carry out your bathroom remodeling work can be one of the biggest challenges, as their services will often be in great demand. Finding a busy contractor will often be a reflection of the quality of the work they complete, which can lead to a queue of people wanting to get their bathrooms remodeled by specific companies.

Looking for reviews and testimonies of the work carried out by different contractors can be one way in which you can filter out some of the companies that you might approach for the work, and many websites will include pictures of the work they have completed too. If you find companies that are producing work similar to the project you are looking to complete, then this too can help you to make a shortlist of contractors that you can approach to bid for the work.

Obtaining Quotations For The Work

The general rule of thumb for getting quotations for larger projects such as bathroom remodeling is to get at least three quotes from different contractors, to give you an idea of the overall costs and then to see what the spread of the quotes are. This can also help you to identify if there are outliers, such as some quotes being significantly higher or lower than the others, and especially when looking at the lowest quote it may be worth asking a few more questions with these, to try and identify why they may be much lower than other quotations you receive. While cost can be an important factor to decide which contractor to use, asking for estimates about when they will be able to complete the work and how long it will take can also be important considerations to bear in mind.